The Lab of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems was established in 1991 in the Faculty of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in order to cover the applications of remote sensing and GIS in all fields of agronomy and its impacts on the environment. The Lab of Remote Sensing and GIS works on three basic directions: (i) education, (ii) research and (iii) the implementation of research and applied projects, financially supported either from the European Community, the Government or the private sector.The research focuses on agricultural applications and on other fields related to the broader space of natural resources and the environment.

The Lab has been involved in numerous projects on different levels (local to international) in the fields of monitoring, evaluating, and managing natural resources (soil-water-vegetation), and in specific:

- Monitoring water use with remote sensing;

- Soil mapping;

- Evaluation of soil resources pollution and degradation;

- Site specific management of soil and water resources;

- Modelling and economic assessment of natural resources degradation;

- Functional evaluation of soil and terrestrial ecosystems;

- Management, restoration and rehabilitation of terrestrial ecosystems;

- Earth Observation techniques for monitoring pressures and environmental impacts;

- Rural development.

The Lab has also developed innovative methods and technologies for soil and water resources mapping. Some of the basic applications are: physiographic analysis, erosion studies, LPIS systems, crop damage assessment, yield prediction, land use - land cover mapping.

Members of the Lab have published numerous research papers in peer-reviewed journals and have presented in several international conferences.


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