The laboratory is responsible for the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the department of Hydraulics, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering in the fields of remote sensing, spectroscopy and geoinformatics. Moreover the lab organizes Workshops, conferences, seminars and other educational events independently or in cooperation with other organizations.

Undergraduate Courses:

- N237E - Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

- N216Y - Mapping and Evaluation of Agricultural Soils and Land

Postgraduate courses:

- ΕΝΝ703 Advanced Geographic Information Systems

- EAD719 Advanced Remote Sensing

- ET206 Mapping with photo interpretation and geographic information systems

Indicative undergraduate theses:

- Tsakoumis G., 2010. Internet Application of Geographical Information System.

- Karastoyianni, E., 2016. Spatial interference of problematic soil properties.

- Mapping crops with satellite images

- Processing of UAV images for precision farming applications

- Sheet index estimation with hemispherical photos and satellite imagery

Indicative postgraduate theses:

- Sotiropoulou, A.M., 2011. Estimation of the risk of erosion of agricultural soils in the Prefecture of Rodopi with the application of the USLE model using the ArcGIS Model Builder.

- Gello, A., 2012. Assessment of the suitability of agricultural land for cultivation of maize (Zea Mays L.) and wheat (Triticum spp. L.) in the Prefecture of Rodopi using Geographical Information Systems.

- Monachus, S., 2012. Monitoring of some parameters of water quality and transport of erosion materials in a river basin using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.

- Minver Alkarabsheh, M., 2012. Impact of land cover change on soil erosion hazard in Northern Jordan using remote sensing and GIS.

- Iordanidis, Ch., 2013. Development of an interactive web application for the visualization and processing of digital thematic backgrounds with application to agri-environmental data.

- See, N., 2013. Rural drought indicators as deserters using custom open source software.

- Navrosidis, I., 2016. Assessment of asparagus officinalis culture damage by pleospora herbarum by spectroscopy and remote sensing.

Indicative PhD theses:

- Katsogiannos, F., 2015. Development of a spatial decision support system for the assessment of environmental hazards.


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